The Association of Haitian Professionals (AHP), a 501c(6) DC nonprofit corporation, promotes the professional development, educational advancement, and socio-economic enhancement of people of Haitian descent. By expanding the reach and widening the influence of Haitian professionals, AHP seeks to reverse the effects of intellectual dispersion, community and cultural deterioration, and economic disempowerment by fostering a commitment to community service, increasing educational opportunities, and encouraging knowledge- and skills-sharing throughout the Haitian community.

As a non-profit entity dedicated to community improvement, the objectives of the AHP are as follows: 

  • To coordinate professional development opportunities for people of Haitian descent; 
  • To support the development of educational, leadership, and scholarship opportunities for students of Haitian descent; 

Every committed organization must have a set of core values, which drive its membership and underscore its organizational goals. AHP has five (5) core values, which we affectionately term the P.R.I.C.E. model. In our view, this model encompasses the most fundamental reasons for AHP™s existence now and into the future. The P.R.I.C.E model core values are:

To achieve these goals, AHP seeks to enrich the lives of its members and the Haitian community by:
(1) Organizing professional development programs, networking functions, discussion groups, and other forums to facilitate the exchange of ideas, information and skills amongst its members, Haitian communities worldwide, and the public at-large;
(2) Establishing and coordinating mentoring opportunities, educational scholarships, and tutoring programs for students of Haitian descent;

We are professionals by our unwavering pursuit of knowledge and mastery of our craft.
We are professionals because we strive for excellence and the fullest realization of our potential for the benefit of our families, community and profession.
We are professionals through our courteous, conscientious and respectful interactions with others.


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Expanding our reach and widening our influence.
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