Section 12.01 General.

The Advisory Council shall consist of individuals interested in promoting the purposes of AHP by serving, in an advisory capacity, as a resource and support network for the Board of Directors. These individuals are not required to be AHP members.

Section 12.02 Composition of Council

The Advisory Council shall consist of not less than three (3) and not more than twenty-one (21) individuals, the exact number to be fixed by the Board of Directors. The Advisory Council shall preferably consist of individuals with a range of professions and varying levels of expertise in their respective fields. It is important that the members of the Council be well-versed in fields including, but not limited to law, finance, information systems, human resources, business management, politics and higher education. An Advisory Council member shall not be allowed to serve during the same term in the Board of Directors or the Executive Board.

Section 12.03 Selection and Term of Office

Members of the Advisory Council shall be recommended by any AHP member and approved by the Board of Directors. Advisory Council members shall serve a term for two (2) years.

Section 12.04 Compensation

Members of the Advisory Council shall not receive any compensation for their services as Advisory Council members.

Section 12.05 General Background

A. Philosophy

The role of an advisor is to highlight all of the various advantages, disadvantages and possible consequences of particular actions for the various issues which AHP may face. With the benefit of the experienced perspectives of the advisors, AHP Directors, Officers and members can make reasoned and informed decisions.

B. Ideal Attributes of an AHP Advisor

The following are traits which every AHP advisor should ideally have in order to be effective:

  • Experience - AHP is a unique organization. In order to properly advise AHP members, an advisor should have sufficient knowledge and experience with AHP programs, structure, and operations.
  • Expertise - An AHP advisor should possess some degree of expertise in areas such as technology, law, finance, higher education administration, organizational behavior, group dynamics, or other areas, which might be useful to AHP Directors, Officers and members in their decision-making.
  • Judgment - An AHP advisor must have skills in critical thinking, planning, and situational analysis, and exhibit these qualities objectively, rationally and non-emotionally.
  • Respect - Respect of AHP members and the Haitian community is the most compelling qualification for any advisor because people will not accept advice from those whom they do not respect.

C. AHP Advisory Council (AAC) Objectives:

  • Bring together expertise in areas of AHP interest so as to provide guidance to the Board of Directors, the Executive Board, the members and the various committees established to fulfill the objectives of AHP;
  • Ensure continuity from year to year;
  • Develop a dialogue that may lead to new programs and program objectives in order to best serve AHP, its members, and the public at large;
  • Involve profession and community leaders in the carrying out of AHP programs; and
  • Advise, guide, and counsel AHP in all of its internal and external responsibilities and activities.
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