Section 9.01 Standing Committees

A. There shall be seven (7) Standing Committees:

  1. Communications
  2. Membership
  3. Elections
  4. Fundraising
  5. Public Relations
  6. Professional Development
  7. Community Service

B. The Executive Board may create additional standing committees as the need arises.

Section 9.02 Co-coordinators

Two (2) Co-coordinators shall head each Committee: a primary and a secondary co-coordinator. The primary co-coordinator shall be the representative of that Committee as a member of the Executive Board. The secondary co-coordinator shall be elected by the members in each respective Committee by majority vote.

Section 9.03 Responsibilities of the Committees

A. Communications committee shall:

  1. Be co-coordinated by the Communications Officer;
  2. Be responsible for frequent internal communications within AHP;
  3. Be responsible for external correspondence, including printmaking (i.e., pamphlets, brochures, programs, annual reports, tickets, newsletters) that are distributed to members, contributors, and other groups; and
  4. Be responsible for the maintenance of the AHP web site and other communications technology resources.

B. Membership committee shall:

  1. Be co-coordinated by the Membership Officer;
  2. Maintain an accurate register of the names, addresses, phone numbers, and employment information of all AHP members;
  3. Develop and evaluate applications for membership;
  4. Ensuring payment of dues from each member has been received by the Treasurer;
  5. Coordinate events and other mechanisms for the recruitment of potential new members;
  6. Welcome and orient new members into AHP;
  7. Focus on membership retention;
  8. Determine the good standing of members; and
  9. Establish the criteria for inducting an Associate Member into an Honorary General Member status upon recommendations from the Executive Board.

C. Elections Committee shall:

  1. Be co-coordinated by the Elections Officer;
  2. Develop a procedure for candidate selection and elections of Officers and Directors or when a vacancy arises; and
  3. Organize and oversee all elections.

D. Fundraising Committee shall:

  1. Be co-coordinated by the Fundraising Officer;
  2. Identify and secure prospective funding sources;
  3. Work with the Executive Board, Board of Directors, and other Committees to determine necessary funding for specific projects, programs and activities; and to develop a business plan to show to prospective funding sources; and
  4. Review short, intermediate and long-term financial goals and objectives of AHP in conjunction with the Treasurer.

E. Public Relations Committee shall:

  1. Be co-coordinated by the Public Relations Officer;
  2. Promote the understanding of Haiti's history and culture through education, cultural and social awareness programs/activities with respect to the public;
  3. Maintain an exhaustive inventory of pertinent Haitian organizations operating throughout specified regions as determined by the Executive Board in consultation with the Board of Directors;
  4. Provide recommendations to the Executive Board and Board of Directors on pertinent organizations and the Haitian communities they serve, to enable AHP to effectively shape its interests, mission and activities; and
  5. Outreach and establish sustainable relationships with key organizations in consultation with the Board of Directors.

F. Professional Development Committee shall:

  1. Be co-coordinated by the Professional Development Officer;
  2. Coordinate and promote activities that advance the professional, educational and socio-economic goals and objectives of AHP members;
  3. Establish and foster a networking environment between AHP members and representatives of academia and practicing professionals;
  4. Develop fora for information exchange, training and networking between all member professionals; and
  5. Encourage and provide means to develop future leaders within and outside of AHP.

G. Community Service Committee shall:

  1. Be co-coordinated by the Community Service Officer;
  2. Organize all community service programs for the participation of all interested AHP members;
  3. Act as an interface, resource, and support system for Haitian and other communities where the AHP membership expertise, skills and knowledge may be used; and
  4. Enhance the availability of scholarships, mentoring, tutoring and educational programs to students.

Section 9.04 Temporary Committees

Temporary Committees may be created by the Executive Board at the request of the Board of Directors or by resolution of the Executive Board to fulfill a specific objective. The Executive Board shall determine the duration and objectives of such temporary committees.

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