Section 3.01 Purpose

AHP is a District of Columbia nonprofit corporation, which promotes the professional development, educational advancement, and socio-economic enhancement of Haitians and people of Haitian descent. By expanding the reach and widening the influence of Haitian professionals, AHP seeks to reverse the effects of intellectual dispersion, community and cultural deterioration, and economic disempowerment by fostering a commitment to community service, increasing educational opportunities, and encouraging knowledge- and skills-sharing throughout the Haitian community.

Section 3.02 Objectives

As a non-profit entity dedicated to community improvement, the objectives of the AHP are as follows: 

  • To coordinate professional development opportunities for people of Haitian descent; 
  •  To support the development of educational, leadership, and scholarship opportunities for students of Haitian descent; 
  •  To promote result-oriented positive intellectual and social discourse pertinent to Haiti and its people; 
  • To educate the public at-large, as well as AHP members, on the history, art, culture, and language of Haiti; and
  • To become an inspirational source of exceptional team culture for people of Haitian descent.

Section 3.03 Organizational Structure

A Board of Directors and a Board of Officers, complemented by the support of an Advisory Council, shall manage the overall business of AHP. The specific duties, roles and responsibilities of each of these components (as described below) shall enable the realization of AHP™s purpose and objectives.

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Expanding our reach and widening our influence.
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